Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control from Benner's Gardens

When it comes to wildlife control, Benner's Gardens has the solutions that are reliable, environmentally responsible and effective. From animal repellents and strong protective barriers to "Virtually Invisible" Fence Systems, Benner's Gardens has the perfect wildlife control solution for you! When deciding on your wildlife control options, keep in mind that a fence is the best permanent solution for anyone looking to effectively protect their property and landscape investment from wandering, hungry wildlife. A most depended on solution for many homeowners' wildlife control needs; fencing is among the strongest choices for anyone looking to protect the investment of time and money they made to beautify their property, from wandering wildlife. Whether the area under consideration is a garden or landscape, fencing is an efficient method of discouraging the relentless appetites of the wildlife in your neighborhood, without undermining the integrity of your plants and soil by introducing chemical solutions.

For gardeners, there are few greater disappointments than finding out that you have unintentionally shared your efforts with local wildlife. Wildlife control is among the greatest challenges gardeners face. Finding safe, effective wildlife control products to address the problem is a key component of protecting the hard work that goes into creating a successful garden. No gardener hopes to see roses nibbled to shreds or wants to discover that their vegetable garden has become food for a family of rabbits instead of their own family's dinner.


Deer Control Solutions

The loss of valuable landscaping is no more pleasant than the destruction of a garden. Considering the amount of time, money and care many landowners put into managing the aesthetic value of their homes and yards, few are willing to watch that disappear, nibble by nibble, by visiting deer.

Most homeowners don't want to address their wildlife control needs by installing heavy, unattractive metal fencing; a solution that is almost worse than the problem. These fences tend to obscure their beautiful foliage behind metal grids or interlocking cables, thus damaging the visual appeal of a property and also possibly endangering the wildlife. Deer fence from Benner's Gardens is specially designed to provide maximum wildlife control without distracting attention from the beauty of the landscaping. It is the environmentally friendly way to protect expensive shrubbery and landscape from destruction.

We offer a broad array of wildlife control fences that will deter all types of wildlife; from rabbits to deer. Depending on the strength of protection you need, the fencing we offer can be reinforced for durability. It also has a 'lip' where the fence meets the soil, which prevents critters from cleverly digging under it. The thin black color and "virtually invisible" profile and height of the fence prevents animals from leaping over it as well, because, although they know that some kind of a barrier is in front of them, they cannot tell where the barrier starts or stops. We are experts in deer and wildlife control. Our fences are flexible, resilient and easy to set up and maintain. We offer many fencing solutions from a variety of dimensions that will accommodate a range of wildlife control needs. We want to help our customers find the solution for wildlife control that works best for them. 

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