Tie Tightener/Cutter

Tie Tightener & Cutting Tool
Tie Tightener & Cutting Tool
Zip Tie Cutter and Tighener
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SKU: T1001
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Our tie puller/cutter tool fastens the heavy duty or standard ties tighter and more easily than simply pulling them by hand. It also has a feature that can cut off the "tail" of the tie in one simple motion. This tool is highly recommended for larger projects where lots of posts are being installed.

  • Best for larger projects
  • Easily tightens ties
  • Cuts off tie "tail"


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kirk S, 08/15/2019

Nice tool, but after a couple hundred cable ties the slot where the cable tie slides through cracked which caused ties to jam. Could bend back and use even though broken but eventually just went back to tightening ties with a pliers. Okay for occasional use but would not recommend for day-in-day-out use. Also, be careful to keep fingers clear of the short handle while tightening as it will cut of tie and pinch fingers if you over-tighten.

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