10’ T Galvanized Post

Need more than one?:



  • Easy to install line posts for deer fencing
  • Line posts for fixed knot fence
  • Garden fence posts


  • High strength hot rolled steel
  • Hot dipped Class III Galvanization
  • 10’ Length
  • 1.33 lb per foot
  • Studs on T post help to hold fencing against the post
  • Large bottom anchor plate provides greater stability and holding power

Benner’s T posts are galvanized for long-lasting effectiveness when installed with any of our deer fencing products. The T posts are driven into the ground 2’ for our 8’ fence and 2.5’ for our 7.5’ fencing. The bottom plate provides stability when driving the posts into the ground. T posts are remarkably durable and can be driven into almost any ground type. Class III Galvanization allows the posts to last for up to 50 years in the field under normal conditions.

*Each post Includes 5 clips

Please Note: Shipping charges apply. These are large and can be heavy; helping hands or heavy equipment may be needed to get the posts off the freight truck.

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