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Benner's Now Offers Wholesale Deer Fence Pricing!

Benner's Gardens is the ultimate source for all of your wildlife deterrent needs. We are the nation's leader in:

  • Deer fencing
  • Dog enclosures
  • Bird netting enclosures (protecting fruit bushes & trees)
  • Rodent barriers (rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels, coyotes etc.) 

We offer wholesale deer fencing for retailers and service providers. If you would like to carry our products or offer installation of our fencing to your clients, please contact us to set up an account for wholesale fencing pricing! 

We have all the Benner's Gardens products that you know and love at competitive wholesale fence supply rates. This is a tremendous opportunity to add massive value to the services you provide your clients, as well as increase revenue in your business. As your trusted fence wholesaler, Benner’s is here to offer support every step of the way. 

Call today for information on opening a wholesale/commercial account and to find out more about how you can take advantage of Benner’s wholesale fencing opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About Benner’s Gardens Wholesale Deer Fence

The deer fencing that we use at Benner's Gardens is built with a very high strength wire like material and is constructed using long lasting UV stable black polypropylene. Black was the obvious choice for our wholesale deer fencing because it is virtually invisible outside around your home and property. Benner’s wholesale fencing material is designed to maintain the beauty of your property as it blends in with your landscape.Our fencing is highly unnoticeable even from distances as close as 15 to 20 feet. 

Other fencing companies tend to use wood, wire, and electric fencing to keep deer off a property, but these fencing options are outdated and unnecessary. Benner’s wholesale deer fence options are a humane and safe way to protect your property from deer without hurting them like those other fences do. Deer aren’t able to jump over the barrier since it is 7.5 feet tall, and made of durable materials. Digging and gnawing critters can’t get under our fences because half a foot is installed under the ground to safely and securely hold it in place. Once installed our 7.5 fence is 7 feet tall above ground, and half a foot under ground. This is part of what makes our wholesale fencing the best choice in wholesale fence supply.

The main purpose of creating Benner’s wholesale fence supply is to provide companies and retailers the ability to keep wildlife from entering your client’s property in a safe and secure way. The benefits that our wholesale fencing offers are numerous and unique compared to other professional deer fence products. The 2 main fencing options most companies offer are electric and wood. Electric fences are expensive, dangerous and unsightly. They cause harm to the animals that come into contact with them, and are a risk for numerous other potential hazards as well. Wood fences will eventually splinter and become weaker over time, rendering them useless against preventing animals and rodents from entering your property. They then must be removed and replaced often which is a huge inconvenience and expense. 

Revolutionary Wholesale Deer Fencing Solutions 

In the spring of 1996, Benner’s launched a second generation of wholesale fencing that was simply known as "Heavy Perimeter Fencing". This eventually led to the innovative design we use today. The major difference between our previous version and our new fencing was the strength of the material. We knew that the fencing had to be much stronger to keep virtually all animals and rodents from entering the perimeter, so the new wholesale deer fencing was built with material that is 65% stronger than before.

As a Benner’s fence wholesaler, you will provide your customers with outstanding deer fences that are virtually invisible even to the deer. While our new fencing is so strong that it will withstand a deer running right into it, we prefer to keep the deer as safe as possible. We recommend using white warning flags every 10-15' along the fence line when installing a new fence. The deer learn to run in a particular path and the white flags will deter the deer from running into the fence. Once the deer have changed their path, you can safely remove the streamers without having to worry about any accidents. Although our fence is easily strong enough to handle a deer accidentally running into it, we would prefer not to have that happen for the safety of the animals.

We have specifically designed our fencing products to be long lasting, and as easy to install and maintain as possible. We suggest using our wholesale deer fence materials in conjunction with trees as a support system whenever possible. For those areas without trees, Benner’s offers fence posts and accessories to go with your wholesale fencing. In order to keep deer from being able to penetrate under the fence, please make sure to attach your fencing to the ground with ground stakes every five to six feet. If you have any questions about our deer fence or any of the products we offer, please make sure to contact us so you can speak with one of our friendly team experts. 

Our fencing system can be a permanent solution for year round protection, or a temporary fence that can be easily removed and installed for seasonal protection. 

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Responsible Wholesale Fence Supply for a Safe Environment

Home owners agree that controlling deer infiltration is a necessary part of protecting agriculture and landscaping. Whether they are snacking on crops or destroying the land with their hooves, deer are unwelcome visitors that need to be redirected away from your customers' hard earned harvest. Benner’s wholesale fencing offers humane and dependable fencing solutions that don’t negatively impact the environment, the animals or your client’s personal property. Our development team designed state-of-the-art fencing that protects your customer’s properties during deer season and beyond.

Due to the ever-increasing deer population, homeowners are desperate for cost-efficient solutions that are reliable and durable. As a trusted fence wholesaler, our fencing is competitively priced and a great solution for all residential locations. Traditional hardware store fencing is not dependable. Deer are persistent and they will try to squeeze under or through a traditional fence. Benner’s fencing systems however, have ground stakes so deer can’t bypass the fencing after it is installed. In addition, our fences are 5-8 feet tall, so deer can't jump over the material. We offer our product in various sizes, so you can easily find a proper solution for the configuration of your customer’s property.

Metal and wire fences will rust, and can eventually wear down into jagged, sharp edges. Using a material that prohibits this deterioration is especially important for keeping animals like deer from getting seriously injured as they investigate the fencing. Rusty metal fences with sharp edges can also cause serious injuries to children and pets.

Poorly maintained or damaged electrical fences can harm or even kill animals, children, and pets. Our mesh fencing is safe for all, and requires little to no maintenance to remain safe. Although the primary function of an electric fence is to deter pest-like animals through electric shock, malfunctions of the fence itself are not unheard of and can be fatal.  Pets, children, and wildlife can also become entangled in the electric fence, with deadly consequences as a result. It is also important to note that electric fences can cause fires when struck by lightning or when involved in a malfunction.

These dangers are easily avoidable. You can keep pets and children safe from bodily harm and possible fires by installing a mesh deer fence. Get peace of mind knowing that everything and everyone on your property is safe, while simultaneously protecting your property and the local wildlife.

Benner’s responsible wholesale fencing systems provide consistent and hassle-free installation with everything needed included. We are confident that your team and customers will love how fast and easy installation is when you choose us as your wholesale fence supply.

P.S. Don't forget our Turf Protection Products! Available in grades that will handle 2 tons to 22 tons per axle load, our turf protection products are the superior choice for erosion control, jobsite protection and even green parking lots! 



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Reliable Wholesale Fencing Supply

Provide your customers with the most reliable wholesale fencing available by choosing Benner’s Gardens polypropylene mesh deer fencing. Unlike other fencing products, Benner’s wholesale deer fencing holds up to harsh weather, aging, and pests while deterring all types of deer pressure that may occur.

Unlike electric fencing, polypropylene mesh does not rely on electricity but rather the strength and durability of the mesh itself. The main problem with electric fencing is that it can be quite fickle and that any number of factors can affect its performance.

For example, a heavy snowfall or even frozen ground can render an electric fence ineffective. With snow and frozen soil acting as an insulator, the circuit in the fence is broken, and the deer and other garden pests never receive a shock from the fence. Instead, they simply go through the fence or over it and into your now vulnerable garden.

However, it is not just soil and freezing temperatures that can render an electric fence useless. Surprisingly, tall grass, high weeds, rust, and splices in the wire of the fence can all have the same effect. A fence that is unreliable, expensive and unsightly is not a fence that you want to offer your customers.

When you choose Benner’s Gardens polypropylene mesh deer fencing, you will never have to worry about any of these problems. You can rest assured that snow, freezing temperatures, weeds, and grass will never compromise the effectiveness of your fence. Our fences are not made of metal, so they will never be subject to rust.

Wooden fences aren’t much better than electric fences. Keep in mind that a wooden fence will need to be at least 7 ½ feet tall with no gaps, so the deer and other pests can’t squirm through.This massive wooden fence surrounding your customer’s garden will obstruct their view and make it near impossible to see their garden at all. Securing your customer’s garden with our wholesale deer fence netting eliminates these issues.

Although wooden fences do not rust, they do age; over time, the wood will crack, splinter, and begin to decay. This is especially true for the wooden fence posts, which absorb moisture from the surrounding soil.

If you live in an area with heavy rainfall or an abundance of snow, excess moisture can cause serious problems to occur. When exposed to an abundance of moisture, wooden fence posts lose 3 years off of their lifespan. That is 3 years, regardless of how much maintenance you may perform. Once the posts begin to deteriorate, the strength and security of your entire fence are compromised.

Benner’s Gardens polypropylene mesh fencing is not susceptible to rot or decay. It is UV stabilized to prevent moisture breakdown and to protect against exposure from all types of weather. You can rest assured that our wholesale fencing continues to be reliable all year round. Our fencing is the #1 choice to protect beloved community gardens, orchards, vineyards, and golf courses of the highest caliber.

Resistant & Virtually Maintenance Free Fencing

One of the most important things your customers must consider when choosing a fencing material is how much maintenance the fence will require over its lifetime. Keep in mind that the maintenance a fence requires does not just include how many hours of work they will need to put in or pay someone to perform, but also how much money that will be spent on costly products to keep their fence in good working order.

At Benner’s Gardens we know both time and money are precious, which is why our polypropylene deer fencing is highly resistant and virtually maintenance free. Our fencing does not decay or rot like wood. Since it has been UV stabilized to protect it against sun exposure, it will never need to be sanded, painted, stained, treated, or sealed, which saves lots of unnecessary and tiresome work. 

A typical wooden fence must be sanded, repaired and painted or stained every 2-4 years. It takes time, money and effort just to maximize the life expectancy of the wood and keep it looking decent. Choosing to offer Benner’s resistant and virtually maintenance free wholesale deer fencing to your clients helps you show how quickly their savings begin to add up.

We believe in providing the best quality fencing products for every budget. Give your customers several varieties of deer fencing from economy to extra strength to tackle even the toughest deer problems. Our extra strength fencing boasts an incredible 20-year lifespan.

Repel Pests & Insects

Polypropylene is a non-organic material, so insects do not adversely affect it. Rest assured you will never find bees, carpenter ants, or other harmful pests making themselves at home in your customers' fencing when you offer them a wholesale fence supply from Benner’s. Insects will never compromise the durability of our fencing.

When you purchase a fence to keep deer and other nuisance animals, such as rabbits, out of your garden, the last thing you want to do is to invite a variety of other pests into your home. Unfortunately, that is exactly what can happen if you erect a wooden fence.

Wooden fences are hospitable to many annoying pests such as carpenter ants and bees, wood-boring beetles, and yes, even termites. These insects love wood, both for consumption and for nesting. As your wooden fence ages, suffers damage, or gets waterlogged, it becomes a magnet for these pests.

Other pests, however, will not wait for your fence to age before invading. Even new, undamaged wooden fences are quite appetizing to wood-boring beetles. Powderpost, old house borer, and Deathwatch beetles will consume both new and old wood. Unfortunately these insects are not picky eaters, and once on your property, these nuisance insects will not stay confined to your fence. In fact, it is quite likely that at some point they will find their way into your beloved home.

Far from being a simple nuisance, some of these insects can do real and costly damage to the wooden structure of your home. It is important to note that wood-boring beetles are second only to termites as the most destructive wood pests. With termites causing nearly $5 billion dollars in damage to homes every single year, you are definitely putting yourself and your home at risk with wooden fences in the area.

Benner’s deer fencing is made from polypropylene mesh, which makes it unappealing to wood-consuming or wood-boring insects. By offering your customers Benner’s Gardens fencing, you will enable them to avoid the high risk of jeopardizing the safety of their homes when they secure their property against pests like deer and rabbits.

Results and Repeat Business

By offering the best solutions in garden and yard protection as a wholesale fence supply company, Benner’s has remained the trusted source for business and personal relationships. We care about you and your customers’ success and results. Our 20 plus year positive reputation has helped us to create repeat business for ourselves and our wholesale clients.

Setting up your Benner’s wholesale fence account is easy and convenient. Simply call our team at 1-800-BIG-DEER or fill out the contact form to get started today. You will love the confidence you gain by supplying your customers with the best in reliability, aesthetic, and environmentally responsible fencing solutions. 

The benefits of choosing our specially designed polypropylene fencing materials are endless. Give your customers long lasting results and the best in customer experience with our easy to install, virtually maintenance free fencing. We offer wholesale fence supply options in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also take advantage of our accessories and installation tools when you place your order.

By giving your customers the best available in deer and rodent control fencing, you will build lasting customer relationships, and continue to create repeat business opportunities. Benner’s wholesale fencing supply is known for getting amazing results while protecting families, property and the environment.

Contact our team of wholesale fencing experts today to get started and add a highly valuable fencing resource to your service offerings. 

Never Sacrifice a Beautiful View for Security

Eliminate Wildlife Infiltration Including:

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Racoons
  • Groundhogs
  • Rodents
  • Coyotes
  • More!

Your customers have spent a tremendous amount of time, money and effort creating their beautiful garden and landscape. Therefore, it is only natural that they would want to be able to enjoy its beauty and protect their results. Benner’s mesh fencing protects property from wildlife without obstructing the view like wooden fencing, or creating an eyesore like electric fencing does. 

Keep destructive critters from turning lovely landscaping into a delicious meal. Deer and rodents, such as groundhogs, love to eat plants, and will completely pick apart your garden and field. They are especially attracted to:

  • Corn 
  • Kale
  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Vegetables of any kind
  • Strawberry plants
  • Blackberry bushes
  • Blueberry plants
  • Grapevines
  • More!

Their hunger knows no bounds and they will effectively destroy your fruit harvest in very little time. If you install a weak fence, they will chew or jump right through it. When your customers pay top dollar to have a fence installed, they expect it to work for years to come. If you as a company or contractor install fencing that fails, your reputation is toast. 

Not only will you end up with upset customers, you may have to refund them or replace the fencing at cost to you. Make sure you offer your customers the best by partnering with Benner’s for all of your wholesale fencing needs. Quote with confidence and get more repeat and referral business by being the trusted fencing provider in your area. 

Looking to protect a flower garden? Flowers are just as appealing to deer and other rodents as fruit, vegetables and crops. Deer will munch on a variety of flowers including petunias, sunflowers, tulips, lilies, and pansies. They can destroy entire flower beds with very little effort. Nut trees that produce acorns or chestnuts are also especially tasty to deer, and should be included in your fencing plan. They will strip the leaves from maple, ash, alder, willow, and hazel trees. Even sumac and poison ivy, which are poisonous to humans, can make quick and tasty meals for the deer in your area.

Guarding against all hungry animals and critters is essential for optimal protection of your entire garden and yard if you wish to keep your customers’ garden, trees, flowers, and meticulously kept landscaping intact.

There is nothing worse than a client spending money to protect their garden, and then having deer and rodents come pick apart the trees and unprotected areas of their property. Make sure you offer full landscape protection to your customers by carrying Benner’s wholesale fence supply in your business. We make it easy for you to provide the best wildlife protection available with ease of installation, and customizable fencing for any size and shape garden, landscape and yard.

Made from incredibly strong, yet lightweight and thin material, our fencing is almost completely invisible to the naked eye. Amazingly, it cannot even be seen from a short distance of 20 feet. Our mesh fencing is the perfect balance between security and invisibility. Choose Benner’s to keep the view, and provide ultimate wildlife control. 

With Benner's Deer Fence, you simply install it around the area you would like to protect, and let the fence do the rest!

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