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Metal Fence Kits

These virtually invisible metal deer fence kits make the DIY project quick and easy for anyone who has never installed yard fencing. Steel Hex Web is one of the bestselling metal deer fences we carry.

Each fence kit includes a roll of our virtually invisible steel hex pvc coated fence roll, black sleeved line posts, ground stakes, ties, warning flags and a driving cap. Steel hex for deer and rodent protection is a great option - it is chew-proof, dig-proof, and weather-proof, so it will last in your yard or field for up to 20 years.


8' x 100' Hex Wire Fence Kit (20 Gauge)

8'H x 100'L - Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit

Heavy Duty Hex Wire Fence Kit (18 Gauge)

7.5'H x 100'L Heavy Duty Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit

Hex Wire Fence Kits (20 Gauge)

Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit.

Available in: 4’ X 150' ,  5’ X 150' , or  6’ X 150' Rolls



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