19 Gauge Welded Wire | Black PVC-Coating



This material starts as a 19 ga. wire mesh and is then galvanized and PVC coated, resulting in a finished product which is 17 ga

This fence is ideal for keeping out smaller animals and animals trying to chew their way into your garden. This mesh can be used as a standalone garden fence barrier or as added protection when used with our poly fence.

The small 1” x 1” mesh makes this effective at keeping pets and animals in and wildlife such as groundhogs and rabbits out. Smaller opening sizes make it more difficult for dogs and other animals to get their jaws around the fence material. 

A thick PVC coating and hot dipped galvanization after welding gives this fence the protection needed to last for up to 30 years. Hot dipped galvanization is stronger than the electro-galvanization found in other stores. Galvanizing the fence after welding ensures the entire fence including all welds and joints is completely protected from rusting and corrosion. On top of this galvanization, we have added extra protection in a layer of durable PVC.

Available in roll sizes:  3'h x 100' (WW03100-11), 4'h x 100 (WW04100-11) and 6'h x 100 (WW06100-11)


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