Hex Wire Fence Kits (20 Gauge)

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Kit Includes:

 4’ X 150' ,  5’ X 150', or  6’ X 150' Roll - Hex Wire Fencing (20 Gauge)

(10) Heavy Duty Post Kits

Driving Cap (for post-installation)

100ct 8" Heavy Ties

30ct 12" Ground Stakes

Warning Flags


Benner’s Hex Wire Fencing is essentially the same as our popular rodent barrier / chew guard, but it lasts up to 30 years and is stronger with a break strength of 1250 or more pounds!  The dipped galvanized steel has a thicker PVC coating making it not only rust proof, but weather resistant.  The roll size is 4’ x 150’,  5’ X 150' or  6’ X 150' which makes it the perfect height to keep out unwanted deer.  This fence can be used to keep coyotes, fox and other troublesome chewers from your garden.  

As the preferred deer and garden perimeter fencing, Benner’s Heavy Duty Hex Wire fence offers easy installation to homeowners. The steel mesh has a 1” hexagonal opening and is constructed to resistant animals chewing, digging and harsh weather conditions. Benner’s Heavy Duty Hex Wire Fence is manufactured using 20 gauge galvanized steel with a durable, long lasting PVC coating for added protection.

The PVC coatings make it nearly invisible and attaches to angle steel or heavy duty round ground post kits.


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