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Metal Deer Fence

Our metal deer fence is constructed to protect property and prevent damage and injury as urban development increases and animals encroach in search of food. Fencing materials today are stronger, reducing the amount of time of repair and replacement for landowners, while fulfilling the function of protecting livestock, vegetation and plant life, while some problems are seasonal and others a daily necessity, our deer fences offer a variety of solutions with an assortment of sizes, colors, and features for use in open range, meadowlands, and private gardening.

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Galvanized Fixed Knot Field Fence
Galvanized Fixed Knot Field Fence
Fixed Knot Field Fence

The fixed knot deer fence is favored by stock owners because of its durability to withstand brute force and tough weather conditions.  The fixed knot locks the vertical stays to the horizontal stays so the fence cannont be deformed or pushed apart.

Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Hex Wire Deer Fence

Vinyl PVC coated & galvanized welded wire mesh fence is a desirable, extremely cost effective alternative to other fencing types and systems.

PCV Coated Welded Wire Fence
PCV Coated Welded Wire Fence
Welded Wire Deer Fence

Welded wire deer fencing is used in farming, agriculture, horticulture, gardening, landscaping and construction projects

Hex Wire Fence Rolls
Rodent Barrier & Hex Wire Fence

At Benner's Gardens, we offer strong hex wire fencing that you can add to your deer fencing to protect against small animals and rodents.

8' x 100' Hex Wire Fence Kit (20 Gauge)

8'H x 100'L - Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit

Heavy Duty Hex Wire Fence Kit (18 Gauge)

7.5'H x 100'L Heavy Duty Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit

Hex Wire Fence Kits (20 Gauge)

Hex Wire Complete Fencing Kit.

Available in: 4’ X 150' ,  5’ X 150' , or  6’ X 150' Rolls


Fixed Knot, Welded Wire & Mesh Wire Metal Fencing

For the best defense against deer and other unwanted and unwelcome animals choosing a metal deer fence is the best solution. While there are a few other options available, a metal deer fence is absolutely the best choice because it comes with certain advantages. They are chew proof and weather proof and they will not rip or tear.

Metal deer fences are most ideal for people who are looking to protect:

  • Yards, Fields, Gardens, Pastures, Orchards, Farms and More…

A metal deer fence will offer a very reliable barrier that will surround the desired area you want to protect. These type of fences are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. In other words you can enjoy protection without having an eye sore up in your viewpoint.

We offer three fantastic deer fence options. The one you choose will depend on your needs, but we are confident we can provide you with the deer fence you desire. Our options include:

  • Steel Hex Web Fence
  • Welded Wire Deer Fence
  • Fixed Knot Deer Fence

Get the metal deer fence that is right for you, along with all of the other necessary items to install the fence and get the protection you need. You will find all the materials to be strong and reliable and you are able to choose the fence size and design scheme.

Come on by and take a look at all that we offer. We are certain you will leave with exactly what you need to construct a solid metal deer fence and keep your land protected.

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