Why Benner's Fence?

Why Should You Buy a Deer Fence from Benner's Gardens?

Since 1992, Benner's Gardens has been providing long-term deer fence solutions to thousands of clients all across the United States and Canada. We are the resident deer fence experts and we work hard to provide you with the very best products and service over and over again.


Quality of Our Deer Fence Products

Our deer fencing materials are constructed from the finest polypropylene materials and have UV inhibitors added to ensure the longest life for our deer fence products (possibly as long as 15 - 20 years for our Advantage Plus Fencing). Our deer fencing is also constructed in such a way that uniquely works to provide a combination of incredible strength, invisibility, and workability.


All Deer Fences Are Not Created Equally

We were able to tear this "competitive" deer fence with our bare hands… If it isn't a Benner's Deer Fence, you could easily be wasting a lot of time and money installing an inferior product. Our Heavy Perimeter Fencing has been time-tested for over ten years now with many thousands of highly satisfied customers from coast to coast.


Easy to Install

Our company also offers a complete deer fence "system". Our wide range of deer fence accessory products, including deer fence post inserts that eliminate digging holes or standing on ladders, ready to assemble deer fence access gates, easy to work with nylon reinforcement cable, and several time and labor saving installation tools, make each deer fence project much easier to complete in a timely and aesthetically pleasing manner.


Unmatched Support and Customer Service

Most importantly, our organization also offers in-depth technical support via our 800 number (1-800-244-3337). For over 20 years of battling the deer and winning, we have a wealth of valuable information and techniques to share. Should you decide to have your deer fence professionally installed, please give us a call.  We can refer you to one of our deer fence installer partners!

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