How to Build a Deer Fence

Benner's Gardens – How to Build a Deer Fence

Step 1: Determine the Fence Line 

Measure the linear feet to determine the amount of materials you will need to order



Step 2: Mark the Post Distance

15' apart when using heavy duty posts with poly deer fencing

10'-12' apart when using heavy duty posts with any style metal deer fencing (FIXED KNOT EXCLUDED)

8'-10' apart if using the garden posts (angle iron) *THESE POSTS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH ANY STYLE METAL FENCING


Step 3: Install your Posts

Install all of your ground sleeves using the driving cap and a hammer.  Next, place all the pipes into the ground sleeves and insert the vinyl cap into the top of the pipe to prevent debris from entering the pipe.

If you are using angle iron posts, simply push post into the ground at least 1'-2'


Step 4: Install the Fencing Material

Unroll your deer fence and start attaching it to the posts using heavy ties.  Be sure to pull the fencing material until its straight and taught to the next post in line before securing it to the post.


Step 5: Install Rodent Barrier Fence **

**Only if you purchased this add-on item

Install the rodent barrier along the bottom of the already installed poly deer fencing.  You will want to 'flare' the barrier on the ground approximately 3"-6" and then attach it where it meets the poly fencing using a heavy tie. 


Step 6: Install Your Cable System

Please follow the instructions in this PDF


Step 7: Stake down your Fence

Use the 12" kinked ground stakes to secure the bottom of your deer fencing to the ground to prevent deer and other wildlife from pushing underneath the fence line and entering your property or garden area.




Deer can have detrimental effects on the plant life in your yard. Deer can also damage your trees by rubbing their antlers against their bark, invade your garden and eat your shrubs and vegetables, or destroy your grass with excessive grazing. They can be a menace to your perfectly landscaped property. At Benner's Gardens we think it's completely necessary to take the proper precautions to keep these animals out of your yard. That's why we offer a deer proof fencing solution that will keep your delicate plants safe.

Benner's Gardens can provide a solution for people who are wondering how to build a deer fence. Our deer fence can act as a line of defense, keeping deer out and keeping your plants safe from being destroyed or eaten. Benner's Gardens will provide everything you need to protect your plants. Don't just sit and wonder how to build a deer fence, contact Benner's Gardens and we will help you find a deer proofing solution that best applies to your landscaping situation. We can provide you with the materials and information that will show you how to build a deer fence.

Our deer proof fence kits are easily installable and very effective. They can keep deer from entering designated areas and prevent them from damaging the fragile plants by feeding on them. You spend every Saturday afternoon tending to your plants; protect them by not allowing deer access to your yard or garden. Our deer fences will protect your lawn or garden for many years. They are a very practical solution for a very common problem. Contact us for more information on how to build a deer fence.

The first step in learning how to build a deer fence is developing a plan on what to protect and how. This step can be taken by doing a little research and finding what plants that are common to your garden or area are more susceptible to be damaged by deer. Deer tend to vegetate on nearly any type of plant, but some are more appetizing then others. Plants that are more appetizing to deer will require extra protection and reinforcement from curious deer.

The next step in learning how to build a deer fence is finding the right size deer fence to use for what you are trying to protect. Benner's Gardens has different size fencing that you can choose from, depending on the size of your yard or garden. We offer different lengths depending on the perimeter of what you are trying to keep deer out of as well. Our deer fencing comes in different heights too. You can opt for a shorter fence if you are trying to guard plants that are lower to the ground, or you can choose a taller fence designed for preserving taller plants like trees. We offer customizable deer fencing solutions that make this process of how to build a deer fence a lot easier.

After you order the amount of fencing and size fencing that best applies to your situation, the final step in the process of how to build a deer fence is installing it. Benner's Gardens deer fence kits are very easy to install, because they don't require to be dug into the ground. They offer the same protective qualities without having to dig up your yard. Simply insert the posts, attach the fence, and you will have completed the process of how to build a deer fence. We also offer accessories for your deer fence that you can use for whatever you need. We sell binding tools, reinforcement cable, and additional ground stakes for your convenience and to increase your fences stability. We also offer a kit for an access gate, which will give you entry to your guarded area, but will still keep deer out. We have whatever you need for your deer fence at Benner's Gardens.

Another thing to consider when formulating a plan for how to build a deer fence is if the fence is going to take away from the aesthetic beauty of your garden or home. If you spend a lot of time trying to make your property look beautiful, and then you surround them with a fence that is an eyesore; you're wasting your efforts. Benner's Gardens deer fence is virtually invisible from over 20 feet away. So it won't seem like you have a large obstruction in your back yard. Our fences will allow the beauty of your garden and home to shine through. Contact us for more information on how to build a deer fence that is virtually invisible.

Benner's Gardens takes the mystery out of how to build a deer fence with their all inclusive deer fence kits. We can help you reduce deer damage to your delicate plants by giving them the proper protection that they deserve. Our fencing will make your lawn or garden safe from deer damage. Don't just sit and think about how to build a deer fence to protect your plants. Get out and do it! And let Benner's Gardens help. Contact us for more information on how to professionally build a deer fence.  

How to install deer fence - PDF Instructions


Building a deer fence

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