Go Green with Benners Gardens!

Environmentally Friendly

Benners and the environment-GO GREEN!


-We strive to protect the quality and diversity of our environment by complying with all local, national, and international standards, legislation and agreements regulating our activities


-We realize the importance of natural resources


-We are environmentally responsible


-We reduce, reuse and recycle materials of all kinds


-All of our fences and netting products are recyclable-#5


- All of our fences and nettings are made from recycled/recyclable products, using post-consumer or post industrial products when possible


-Manufacturer strives to prevent pollution (including releases to water, atmosphere, or land) before it is produced, reduce the amount of waste generated at our facility, and support pollution prevention by customers and distributors.


-We promote responsible citizen organizations and help to support local communities and volunteer projects


-We encourage and promote reuse and recycling of all of our fence products


-When you use our durable recycled/recyclable polypropylene plastic high deer fence, your gardens and landscape can flourish in a safe, natural environment 

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