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Deer Netting from Benner's Gardens

If you live in the country and have a garden, chances are you have deer and rodent problems. Deer and rodents eat just about every plant in the garden, and protection is important.  So the questions becomes how do you keep the animals at bay and your plants safe and sound? Deer netting is the solution to your problems. You need netting that is affordable, reliable, rugged, and easy to install. Benner's Gardens deer fencing is all of these things and more, which is why you need it to protect your garden from animal damage.

Benner's deer net fencing is constructed from UV-resistant, high-strength black polypropylene mesh, and it is proven to be able to withstand years of outdoor use. This durable mesh grid fence is an extremely effective way to keep deer out of the garden without ruining your view. Because it is a mesh, it is difficult to see from even 20 feet away, but it is strong enough to ward off even the biggest deer, and it's easy to install and maintain.

Our mesh netting is far superior to the other deer fencing products that are available on the market today. Many perimeter wildlife fences are made out of wire or are electrified. Electric fences can harm the deer, and they can also be costly to operate. Wire and electric fencing is also much more difficult to camouflage in the garden, so it isn't as aesthetically pleasing. Our black mesh netting blends into the garden surroundings, making it difficult to see, thus ensuring that your garden view won't be ruined by an unattractive wire fence. Plastic deer fencing is the humane solution to keeping deer from destroying your garden and, once the deer realize it is there, they will train themselves to avoid it. Thus, your garden can grow and flourish naturally like it's supposed to do.

Deer are creatures of habit and if they're used to munching in your yard, they will follow the same path again and again. When you install your deer fencing, we recommend that you tie white streamers along the fence to show the deer it is there. Once the deer realize the fence is there, they will stop trying to use their well known path, and you can remove the streamers. The streamers are just another way to humanely protect the deer and keep them from running into the new fence.

Our deer net fencing installed at 7-feet high when installed, so it's tall enough to keep deer from jumping over into your garden. Our deer net fencing is quite unique in that it also has a six-inch "flare" that folds down towards the ground in an "L" shape. This flare then gets staked securely into the ground. This helps keep the deer from pushing underneath the fence, and it keeps other animals, like rabbits and rodents, from entering your garden, as well.

Many accessories can be added to our deer netting that can be used to enhance the strength and performance of your fence enclosure. We offer many options for customizing your fence, from grates and gates for your driveway, to protective mesh netting that you can place over your most delicate plants to protect them from birds, rodents, and other animals. We also offer heavy duty dog fencing that is the humane alternative to keeping your dog enclosed.

Installation of our fence is simple and easy. Our kits included everything that you need, or you can order each item separately to create your own custom fence. Another great feature of our fence is that you can install it using existing trees in your yard too; in fact, it's very compatible with trees in the garden. Our deer net fence that environmentally safe, visually pleasing, and easy to install. Our products and service far surpass our competition and it is through this reliable, friendly service that we a have achieved success that far surpasses that of our competitors.

So, if you have a problem with deer in your garden, purchase a deer net fencing kit from Benner's Gardens and keep the deer at bay and your plants happy, healthy, and safe from destruction. We know you work hard in your garden to keep it strong and beautiful, and our fencing is your best defense against deer and other garden pests.  


Deer Net Fencing

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