Deer Fence Information

Deer Fence Information

Benner's Deer Fence has been a leader in deer control fencing for over 15 years. Thousands of landscape professionals, contractors, and homeowners look to us for the ultimate protection methods against deer damage. Benner's Deer Fence is used for small gardens as well as large estates. It is a safe, humane fencing solution, with no electrical shock needed.

Benner's Deer Fence keeps deer from entering protected areas. In addition to our deer fence products, you will find complete high quality fencing kits and accessories. Every kit comes with complete installation instructions, and everything you need to finish the job. Our deer fence products are available in 5 to 7-1/2 feet in height, and come in rolls of fencing that range from 100 to 330 feet long. If chewing critters are a problem, we also offer a PVC-coated wire Rodent Barrier that can be used with all of our deer fence products to make them "Chew" proof. The bottom area of the deer fence is flared out six inches to ensure that deer are not able to climb under it.

Constructed of high-strength polypropylene mesh, this UV-resistant grid has quickly become the most effective way to keep deer away without inhibiting the beauty of nature or employing the use of electric shock! We offer high quality deer fencing kits and accessories that are complete with detailed installation instructions so that you can create the perfect virtually invisible deer fence enclosure. Our deer fence products are constructed from the finest polypropylene plastic and are UV-resistant. With minimal maintenance, Benners Gardens Deer Fencing will provide lawn and landscape with years of worry-free protection from deer. Our deer fence is the safe, effective way to protect your landscape investment.

Our heavy duty perimeter deer fence has been time tested for many years. Benner's offers a quality deer fence that can endure the harshest elements. Expect your Benner's Deer Fence to last for a very long time with our heavy duty perimeter fencing materials. Why waste money on inferior products when you can have a Benner's deer fence, the best available on the market!

Our extensive experience in the deer fence industry has equipped our staff with the knowledge and expertise to be able to adeptly answer any deer fence related questions. We strive to provide the highest customer service standards and are focused on maintaining long term relationships with our customers, employees, vendors and installers. Contact us today and we will work to satisfy all of your deer fence needs!  

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