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Turn your existing fence into a fully enclosed fencing system for complete protection using our fence extension kits

Convert your existing fence to a Benner’s Deer Fence using our fencing extensions, fence height extender, fence post extensions and more!

Our fence extension kits can help you turn your existing fence into a fully enclosed protective fencing system without needing to remove or replace your existing fence. Get a full surrounding enclosure at a fraction of the cost!

You can save thousands of dollars by converting or extending the height of your existing fence with our easy-to-install fence extension kits. Installing a fence extender ensures your property will be protected from hungry, destructive animals. Keep deer, rodents and other pests out of your garden by simply adding our fence post extensions and fence height extender to your current fence. 

We have designed high quality, durable fence extension kits that create minimal view obstruction so you can protect your garden and still enjoy the view. 

Using Benner’s fence extensions is easy and will have your garden fully protected in no time. You can add our fence extensions to all types of existing fencing including wood, pvc, and chainlink. We offer everything you need for a smooth and proper fence extension installation including fence extender post mounting hardware, U-bolts for attaching fencing, fence arm hardware, and fence split conversion kits.  

Call us now to find out how you can use our fencing extensions to create a complete wildlife control system without replacing your existing fence! Our team of knowledgeable experts is here to help you get exactly what you need to create a fully protected garden fencing system.


Use U-bolts to easily attach fence extender parts, including posts to existing fences such as chain-link fence or wooden fences. The u-bolts measure 5/16" x 2" x 3" and are zinc-plated.  You will need 2 per plate.

Curved Fence Pole Kit
Fence Arm with Hardware

Add to your existing fencing system to protect from climbing critters!

Split Rail Fence Kit
Split-Rail Fence Conversion Kit

Easily convert your exisiting split rail fence to a fully enclosed fencing system! 

Stockade Fence extension kit
Wood, pvc or chain link Fence Extension Kit

Easily convert your exisiting wood, pvc or chain link fence to a Benner's Deer Fence! Add height to your existing fence.  



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