Deer Fence
Deer Fence

Our deer fencing is manufactured from the highest quality materials and provides you with maximum flexibility, strength and durability.

Metal Wire Fence
Metal Deer Fence

High strength metal deer fencing is great to protect your property, prevent damage and protection against domestic and wildlife animal incidents.

Hex Wire Fence Rolls
Rodent Barrier & Hex Wire Fence

At Benner's Gardens, we offer strong hex wire fencing that you can add to your deer fencing to protect against small animals and rodents.

Deer Fence Kits
Benner's Fencing Kits

Our deer fencing kits are easy to install and come with everything you need for a smooth and proper installation.

Deer Fence Access Gates
Access Gates

Our access gates are of the highest quality tubular steel construction and are rugged, yet easy to install. Our deer fence access gates give you a strong, easy way to access your property.

Deer Fence Driveway Gates
Driveway Gates and Grates

Our driveway gates and grates will give you the ultimate protection against deer. Keep deer out while having easy access to your property.

Deer Fence Installation Tools
Accessories & Tools

Our fencing tools and accessories make your deer fence installation quick and easy! We carry the tools and tensioning accessories to make your fencing system durable and strong. 

Deer Fence Post and accessories
Posts and Post Accessories

Shop our deer fence posts, accessories, installation tools and animal barriers.

Other Fencing Products

Tree Guard

Deck & Patio Fencing

Fence Extention Kit
Conversion Extension Kits

Our fence extension and conversion kits can help you turn your existing fence into a fully enclosed fencing system for complete protection.

Garden Fence Kits
Garden Fence Kits

Keep animals like rabbits, raccoons, and more out of your garden with a durable, long-lasting garden fence kit from Benner’s.

Farming Fence Kits
Pet & Farm Fencing Kits

At Benner’s Gardens we offer fencing kits that will keep your pets and farm animals in a safe area, no matter their size.  

Deer Repellant
Deer and Animal Repellent

For the best in deer and animal protection, turn to our deer and animal repellents for your plants and landscaping.

Turf Protection Matting
Turf Protection Products

If you're looking to protect your turf against rutting and other damage, our turf protection products are built tough and can help.

Bird Netting
Bird Netting

At Benner's Gardens, we offer quality bird netting in a variety of strengths to help you protect your property.

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