Why Now Is the Time to Invest in a Metal Fence Kit

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Why Now Is the Time to Invest in a Metal Fence Kit

Spring is here and your plants have bloomed, sprouted, or otherwise come back to life. You may be planning to expand your vegetable garden. You might want to put in some new and better landscaping, maybe a couple of young trees to add some color and produce some fruit. The same things that enhance your landscape also attract all kinds of wildlife, including deer. Metal fences are great tools for protecting the landscaping without spoiling your property’s aesthetics. A metal fence kit with durable material, posts, fasteners, and other pieces may be the easy solution to your deer and rodent problems. Metal fences are an effective and aesthetic way to keep unwanted animals at bay.

The Problem
Depending on where you live, you may have some trouble with raccoons, possums, or other small critters. Some of our poly fences come with rodent barriers that are designed specifically to keep small animals out. A poly fence will be more effective with less work over the long term. Our fencing takes little to no maintenance and lasts for years.

Why a Metal Fence Kit Is the Right Solution
A good metal fence is going to be tall enough to keep deer out; deer can jump higher than many people know. You want to install a fence that is seven or eight feet high. You probably want something aesthetic, something that won’t block the view or look ugly. A high wooden fence with wire on top will keep out the deer but spoil the view. Who wants that? Metal fences hardly disrupt the view at all. The gaps in the fence are small enough that a deer is unlikely to be trapped.

More About Fence Kits
Benner's Gardens offers six poly and metal fence kits with varying components and at different price points. Some poly fences include a supplemental rodent barrier. Buyers don’t need to be particularly “crafty” because our kits are easy to install by hand too. Need an access gate? We’ve got you covered. The fencing comes in different lengths, so buyers can secure anything from a small backyard to a large vegetable garden. In the former case, you will want one of the kits with 100 feet of fencing. The larger kits come with 330 feet of material.
A couple of quick measurements and some math will tell you how much fence to buy. A garden 30 feet long by 20 feet wide needs 100 feet of poly or hex fence, for example. If you have a larger area to protect, you can easily supplement that fence kit with additional posts and fencing with products from Benner's Gardens. Gates are easy enough to add if needed.

Buy a Metal Fence Kit and Install It Today
Spring has come and unwanted animal visitors are starting to show up in peoples’ yards and gardens. A good poly or hex fence set up using a metal fence kit will keep the deer and other animals away. But you need something high enough to keep a deer from jumping over. These fences are relatively easy to set up if you buy a kit and a few installation tools. Contact us to learn more about our metal and poly fences.


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