The Best Garden Tools That Everyone Needs


One of the objectives, when we think about garden tools, is to make our maintenance tasks much easier and faster. Regardless of the size of our garden, and the autonomy of the plants, maintenance tasks are inevitable, weeds, dry leaves, pruning, transplants.

How to choose your gardening tools?

We will not need the same gardening tools in a large garden with privet and trees, as in a small front garden where there is hardly a line of grass.

It is obvious that if we grow all our plants in containers on a mosaic terrace, there are garden tools, such as a lawn mower, that we will never need.

Another point to take into account is the quality of the gardening tools that we buy, whether we do it in a hardware store, or in a specialized store or using amazon coupons.

Always try to choose materials that do not deteriorate with water or use, in this regard aluminum and stainless steel are a great long-lasting option. The handles are also important and we should avoid plastic materials since they tend to break easily and carefully check that the point of union between the handle and the tool itself is firm and secure.

A consideration that is sometimes overlooked is that garden tools should be intended for those who do most of the work, with this I mean that there are some implements that can be very difficult for women like me to use " a little small ”.

You don't need to spend a fortune on your gardening tools, but it is preferable to prioritize quality over quantity. Likewise, regardless of where you buy and how much you spend, here are some lists and small suggestions that may be useful when purchasing them, either in conventional stores or in online tool stores

Tools for all types of gardens

There are some implements that are truly basic and common to all types of gardens and they should be among your gardening tools, whether your plants are in pots or in large areas of land.


They are a bit essential especially if you have plants with thorns such as roses or cacti, but they are also very useful when preparing substrates or transplants.


Very useful both for adding moisture to the plants that need it, whether they are indoors or outdoors, and also for spraying.

Hand shovel

It is one of the really essential gardening tools, it will help you dig, remove the earth, mix substrates. Depending on your needs you can choose it pointed or flat, although, in my experience, it is good to have one of each. 

Garden gouge

It is ideal to help us remove weeds. 

Small pruning shears Small pruning, cutting cuttings, removing small dry or diseased stems, deadheading, are just some of the tasks for which we use pruning shears. It is ideal to look for models that have blades that can be sharpened or replaced, as well as that have tension control (to apply more or less force depending on the plant) and of course, those that best suit your hands.

Tools for small and medium gardens

In addition to the gardening tools that I mentioned in the previous point and that are common to all types of garden, if we have a small garden (such as a front garden, terrace, balcony) or a medium garden (for example a backyard ), we should add, if not all, a good part of the following implements: We can also use polytunnels to safe our garden.

Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is used for larger, woody trees and shrubs. Some models have a curved blade that facilitates the task, if you have woody plants this is also one of the essential gardening tools. Need professional help and live in Rochester? Follow link to visit our friend who are Rochester tree pruning experts.

Circular Saw

If there are very large trees in your garden, our recommendation is a circular saw since once you prune the large logs, it is very convenient to "shrink" them into smaller pieces, either to store them, use them as firewood, or to eliminate them.

So, a good power circular saw is tremendously useful for this task and is fairly easy to handle and cheaper tool than other more professional saws. There are many brands and powers, some even come with a built-in table. But in our case, a handheld that is not so heavy would be the ideal solution for chopping large branches.

Edger and lawnmower

This item is essential if you have large areas of lawn. The size of the machine will depend on how large this area is. The edger is used to make cuts in the sectors where the machine does not reach. In this case, I prefer models that include a "grass catcher" so that I have to rake less when the job is finished.


It looks like shit but if your garden is very large it will help you a lot in the task of collecting dry leaves or weeds, as well as transporting plants or compost.

I have tried to mention the most necessary gardening tools according to the size of your garden, but only you know which ones are essential, and this also depends on what plants, shrubs, and trees you have. Obviously, it is not necessary that you have them all, but you can acquire them little by little and after a while, you will lack very few.

Acquiring garden tools doesn't have to be expensive: if it's a custom in your country, visit flea markets and garage sales as they can be excellent places to get these allies from your garden for little money.


Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.



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