The Best Deer Repellent

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Deer Fence

The Best Deer Repellent

If you have a yard or garden and you live in a place where deer are in close proximity, then you've probably discovered what a nuisance these animals can be. Although few things are as beautiful as watching a deer majestically stroll across your lawn in the early morning, any awe that you feel is likely to be shattered when you see what that same deer did in your rose garden.

People who have yards and deer for neighbors don't have to live in fear of the nightly marauding of their garden. In fact, it makes sense to repel deer using any means at your disposal. While many repellents are available, it isn't always easy to know which ones are actually effective. Among the most common methods of keeping deer away are chemical sprays and fences.

Chemical Deer Repellent

Products like all-natural PAWS 1 FOR ALL Animal Repellent aren't harmful to deer, other wildlife or pets. In fact, these chemical products can deter deer while still being environmentally friendly. This doesn't mean that these sprays aren't effective.

Made using only natural ingredients, this product uses smells that deer find unattractive to keep them away from your yard. Ingredients like eggs, fish, garlic, hot peppers and others do no harm while simultaneously making your garden a spot that deer want to avoid.

When deer scent the ingredients in formulas like PAWS 1 FOR ALL Animal Repellent, they quickly learn to steer clear of the area. Deer repellent is safe to apply to plants and trees at any time. Just be sure that you heavily coat the leaves, stems, blossoms and fruit to ensure that all parts of the plant will be equally unappetizing to the deer.

Most people begin spraying these products in their yard each year as the growing season starts. This also happens to be the season in which deer are establishing their feeding patterns. If you can catch them before they start this behavior, you may be able to minimize your problems for the entire year. However, it usually makes sense to re-apply these products approximately once per week or after any rainfall to ensure that your yard doesn't start to smell like an enticing smorgasbord to deer.

This may be one of the biggest drawbacks to using chemical repellents to keep deer away. In order to maintain effectiveness, you have to be really diligent and thorough about applying and re-applying these products. Really hungry, determined deer who see an irresistible delicacy in your yard may not be deterred if you don't use enough spray or if you don't apply it often enough.

As you can imagine, this becomes expensive and time-consuming, though it can be effective if you are vigilant enough. A more convenient and cost-effective solution may be to install a deer fence.

Solve a Deer Problem with a Perimeter Fence

At first, the idea of installing a fence may not appeal to some property owners. They worry about the expense, the maintenance and having their view spoiled. However, there are deer fences out there that overcome all of these objections.

Constructed of black polypropylene, these fences have some amazing features. The poly is UV stable so you can trust that the sun's rays won't fade it or cause it to deteriorate. Even more important, this poly material is incredibly strong. It can stand up to all sorts of abuse from animals and the elements.

Perhaps just as important, this fencing never spoils your view. The black color tends to blend into the background, and the wire-like construction makes for a really unobtrusive look. This means that you can fence in the entire perimeter of your yard without feeling like you're fenced in.

A Flexible Choice for Keeping Deer Away

Several advantages are available when you choose a fence to keep deer away from your yard. You can choose total protection by fencing in all of your land. If that doesn't work for you, give some thought to only fencing in certain areas where plants that deer find irresistible are located.

This also can help you to minimize expenses. However, it's worth noting that this deer fence is a pretty economical choice. That is especially true when you consider that this fence can last for up to 20 years. Also, you hardly have to do any maintenance on it.

This means that your up-front costs are reasonable, and once this fence is installed, you don't have to spend a penny on upkeep. Nonetheless, deer won't be able to get in your yard, which means that your garden can thrive.

Why Deer Fencing Makes Sense

Other deer repellents are available, but when you weigh all of the factors, fencing just makes more sense than any of the alternatives. Sprinklers that shoot water at wildlife or chemical sprays that are applied to plants can be minimally effective. However, wildlife is pretty ingenious about finding ways to avoid getting sprayed with water, and chemical deterrents only work if you are really dedicated to reapplying them.

A deer fence is different because it is effective without you having to monitor or replenish it on a regular basis. Once it's installed, you're good to go for years. There's no going out every week or after every rain shower to reapply your chemical repellent. The upshot is that you save time and money.

Plus, deer fences simply work. They are pretty much failure-proof so that you can sleep well at night, knowing that your garden is protected.

How Does Deer Fencing Work?

One of the main advantages of this poly deer fence is that you can install it yourself. A handyman could certainly do the job for you if you aren't looking for another DIY project, but the whole thing is less expensive if you opt to forego the professional help.

This fence is built tall enough so that deer cannot jump over it. Typically, the material measures seven-and-a-half feet tall. Six inches of this height is installed under the ground so that the fence is secure. This is an especially valuable feature because it prevents deer and other critters from being able to sneak under your fence. Remember, wildlife is exceptionally smart when it comes to accessing food, but a great deer fence will protect your garden no matter what.

Your seven-foot-tall fence is the ideal height for keeping deer out of your yard. This is a greater height than most deer can clear with a jump, and that means that they will go elsewhere in search of an easier meal.

The polypropylene material from which the fence is built is incredibly strong and durable. Despite being able to handily discourage deer from entering the property, this fence is never an eyesore. This is because it closely resembles a net. When you stand as little as 20 feet away from the fence, it's unlikely that you'll be able to see it. Instead, you see the beautiful landscape that surrounds your property.

Choose Options that Work for You

If you want to repel deer with a perimeter fence, you are definitely on the right track. The seven-and-a-half foot tall polypropylene fence is available in a variety of lengths from 100 to 330 feet. Additionally, you can select from the standard version or the heavy-duty version that promises even greater resistance to assaults by animals and the environment.

To go with the polypropylene fence, you'll need numerous fence posts and accessories. Items like a tension cable help to prevent the deer fence from sagging between posts, and it also makes it possible to re-adjust the fence if you ever need to. A variety of posts, some of which are suited to heavy duty, plus accessories for creating corners and attaching the fence to walls also are available. Wherever you want to install your fence, you'll find all of the parts and tools that you need when you choose a strong and durable polypropylene deer fence.

If you don't want to go to all of the work of choosing individual parts, then consider selecting a deer fencing kit instead. Typically, these include tons of options in a variety of fencing lengths so that you can protect as much or as little of your yard as you like. It's an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to deter deer from entering your property.

Fencing as Deer Repellent

Polypropylene is more affordable than other fencing materials, yet it works just as well if not better. Little maintenance is required, and you can trust that this fencing won't be an eyesore on your property.

Use chemical deer repellent when necessary, but if you have an outsized deer problem, then you need a solution that protects your land at its perimeter. A seven or eight foot tall deer fence prevents deer from jumping over, and barriers at ground level prevent deer and other critters from finding ways to tunnel under. This means that one method of prevention may keep a multitude of pests away from your yard.

One of the distinct advantages to choosing a deer fence is that it's so environmentally friendly. It won't do any harm to animals as an electric fence does, and you won't have to worry about harming the natural world either.

On every level, fencing just works to keep away deer and other pests with a minimum of fuss. If you're serious about protecting the time and money that you have invested in your yard, then a deer fence is definitely worth it.


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