Taking Care of Your Fence

Deer Fence

1. Periodically walk your fence line and remove any limbs, leaves or other debris that is interfering.  Allowing debris to collect along the fence puts unnecessary weight and strain on your fence and it could eventually effect the life span of the fencing.

2. Each year, go to each line post and pull the fencing tight and re-fasten using a zip tie where necessary.  Harsh weather and wildlife activity can shift the fencing and cause it to loosen.  The deer fence will be most effective when everything is straight and taught. 

3. Is the fence line really sagging?  Install a cable line along the top line of your deer fencing to keep fence material straight and taught between posts.  If you use the cable and gripple system, gripples can be easily re-tightened or re-used if the cable line ever becomes damaged. 

*BONUS: Right now if you order one of the following kits, you will receive a FREE roll of 333' cable and 10 Gripples!  A $50 value!

Perimeter Protector Kit $900 - 7.5'h x 330' Advantage Fencing

Garden Keeper Kit $985 - 7.5'h x 330' Advantage Plus Fencing

Ultimate Garden Keeper Kit $1205 - 7.5'h x 330' Advantage Plus Fencing with Rodent Barrier


4. Do you notice chew marks, small holes or other damage along the bottom of your deer fence?  Add on a rodent barrier! This metal hex wire fencing protects the bottom of your deer fence from small critters and will expand the life of your deer fence!  

5. For area that suffer major damage - cut out all damaged fencing and if necessary remove an entire section of deer fence between 2 posts.  Replace the section with new fence material, overlapping approximately 6-8" on to the existing fence.


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