Reasons to Consider a Small Garden Log Cabin


Reasons to Consider a Small Garden Log Cabin

Today’s log cabins have evolved beyond being just small abodes built with logs to protect families from weather elements. They have become more contemporary, luxurious structures with all the amenities you’d find in a modern home. They can serve as winter/summer vacation lodges, playhouses, gyms, home offices, and even year-round dwellings.

A multi-functional building like that deserves your consideration as a permanent fixture in your garden. This article will list some of the additional reasons why. 

A perfect home office

These days, more and more people are working from home. Working remotely has many advantages, but it has one major disadvantage. When your living room becomes your office, it is much harder to separate your business from your family affairs. 

A log cabin in the garden is the best solution to this problem. As a personalized work haven, it can provide you with the peace and solitude needed for productive and focused work. Besides, it can enhance your working hours with natural daylight, as well as with the sights and smells of your garden. 

It is eco friendly

If you care about the environment, expanding your living space with a log cabin is the right move. Living in a timber house significantly reduces your carbon footprint. A well-insulated log cabin also helps you save on your electric power, gas, and other resources that are difficult to replenish.

Keep in mind that log cabins are built to last  even though they are made from eco-friendly materials. With proper care, a log cabin can last for generations. Nowadays, there are even wood treatments that could make your log cabin extra durable and resistant to rotting and other damage from the elements.

They are highly energy efficient

Log homes are constructed of natural and renewable materials that are inherently more environmentally efficient. It would take a concrete wall five feet thick to equal the insulating quality of just 4 inches of wood. Wood insulates six times better than brick. 

This is possible because wood is a natural insulator. In each log, millions of tiny cellulose air pockets insulate homeowners from the elements while storing heat during the day and gradually releasing it at night. All these properties make log cabins highly energy efficient



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