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Deer Fence

Spring is coming, and if you're a gardener you know that getting your gardens ready is on the top of your to do list!  You put in so much hard work to make your gardens look beautiful, but it doesn't just stop once a plant is in the ground.  You must maintain the plant- feed, water and PROTECT!  

Protecting your plants from hungry deer and other wildlife can sometimes be a hassle.  Figuring out how to do it and what materials you will need can be challenging.  Some recommend spraying on animal repellents, hanging certain household items to "scare away" and deter the animals,  and lots of other crazy ideas! Lucky for you, we have tested and perfected the best method for protecting your landscape from hungry critters- a physical barrier. If an animal is hungry enough, unfortunately repellents and other tactics will simply not work.


Deer Fencing and Garden Fence Kit
Shown:  Deer fence, deer fencing posts, ground stakes, zip ties, Chew guard/rodent barrier


Deer fencing from Benner's Gardens gives you peace of mind and keep your beautiful gardens protected from wildlife.  It is a super DIY-Friendly fencing system and requires no special tools or knowledge.  We also have taken the guess work out of figuring out what materials you need by offering fencing kits that include EVERYTHING you need for a deer fence.   All of the materials are black which make this a virtually invisible fencing system.  Each kit offered also varies to meet any need.  Easily protect from deer, rodents, or both!   


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