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Do It Yourself Fencing

Whether you are growing your own produce, keeping a flower garden or operating a major agricultural concern, it is imperative that you provide adequate care for your crop. However, the needs of your yard or fields go well beyond proper hydration and sunlight. It's also essential to keep wildlife pests away and that’s where do it yourself fencing can come in handy.

This is rarely easy to do. Deer, rabbits, groundhogs and other animals are exceptionally clever when it comes to gaining access to the trees and plants that you most want them to avoid.

For years, gardeners and farmers have relied upon electrical fencing to keep marauding critters out of their crops. However, electrical fencing comes with numerous drawbacks. It's expensive as well as being difficult to install and maintain. The opportunities for accidental shocks to people are a deterrent for many, and then there is the risk of harming the wildlife that encounters the electrical fence. This type of barrier also has another huge strike against it: There's just no way to make it look attractive.

Fortunately, Benner's Gardens has the ideal solution. With their deer-proof fencing products, it is possible to finally protect your plants, shrubs and trees from the wildlife that is systematically undermining your efforts in the garden.

The good news doesn't end there. Benner's deer fencing for gardens are designed to blend in with the landscape so that they don't spoil your view. You can even install this fencing yourself so that there's no need to schedule and pay for installation.

Do it yourself fencing is the perfect choice for the independent farmer or gardener who prefers to get their hands dirty. While you're up for any challenge in the garden or field, you'll be happy to know just how easy DIY fencing projects can be. In no time at all, you'll have a beautiful and effective deer-proof fence surrounding your property, and that's a reason to celebrate.

Benner's Gardens manufactures a variety of wildlife-proof fencing products, all of which easily can be installed without any special tools or knowledge. Getting acquainted with these options will help you decide which deer-proof fencing solution is right for your situation.

Polypropylene Mesh Grid Fencing

Is it possible for one fencing product to be incredibly strong, durable and weather resistant all at once?

The answer is yes, as long as you're using our polypropylene mesh grid fencing. Just as enticing is the fact that this fence all-but disappears from view when you're just 20 feet away from it. That's because this DIY fencing is designed to blend in with the background. This means that you can get all of the protection that you want without spoiling the view from your windows.

All rolls of propylene fencing material have built-in UV-inhibitors and stabilizers. This means that they are designed to stand the test of time and the elements. You may get as much as a 15- to 20-year lifespan from our Advantage Plus Fencing.

You will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a deer-proof fence from Benner's Gardens. Ranging in heights between four feet and eight feet, rolls of this fencing material are available in lengths of up to 330 feet. If you have a smaller project, you can get as little as 100 feet of fencing.

Those aren't the only options you have. You also get to choose between the 80 gram and 110 gram weight. The 80 gram option is ideal for smaller spaces or for areas where deer activity isn't particularly intense. However, if you see tons of regular deer traffic, then you'll want to opt for the 110 gram variety. Capable of stopping a deer traveling at a dead run, this Advantage Plus Fencing is our strongest and most durable product in this category.

Metal Fencing Options

If you're interested in something that's even more heavy duty and you aren't necessarily so picky about aesthetics, then perhaps one of our metal deer fencing options is for you.

The advantages of a metal fence are numerous. For instance, you won't ever see a rip or tear in one of these barriers, nor will any animal be able to gnaw their way through it. They are weather proof and incredibly durable. Plus, careful design makes these metal fences look neat and attractive wherever they are placed.

Choose from our Steel Hex Web Fence, Welded Wire Deer Fence and Fixed Knot Deer Fence. The Hex Web Fence features galvanized wire mesh that is coated in PVC vinyl. A cost-effective option, this fence is extremely durable. The Welded Wire Deer Fence also is PVC coated and can be used for almost any application. Rolls of 100 feet in length come in a variety of heights. The Fixed Knot Deer Fence is a favorite for people who raise cattle and other livestock. This is because this fence is remarkably strong. Neither brute force nor disastrous winter weather is capable of damaging it.

Got Rodents?

Rodents are a serious concern for any farmer or gardener. With their determined gnawing, they are capable of getting through many conventional barriers.

Knowing this, Benner's Gardens set out to design a barrier that would keep rodents out for good. The result is our Rodent/Chew Guard Barrier, which can be installed along with a deer fence. It measures two feet high and is made from metal hex wire that provides an extra layer of protection to the bottom of your fence. If rodents are a problem in your yard, don't get caught without our Rodent/Chew Guard Barrier to protect your property.

Deer Fencing Kits

Benner's Gardens has put together pre-packaged deer fencing kits of our most popular product combinations for your convenience. Choose one of these kits based on the size and type of project you want to complete.

For instance, there's the Backyard Defender Kit consisting of 100 feet of 7.5' tall Advantage fencing, the kit also includes seven heavy-duty post kits, 30 ground stakes, 100 eight-inch heavy ties and a single driving cap. It's everything you need to enclose a small yard or garden

If you're looking for something more robust, consider the Ultimate Garden Keeper Kit. You'll get 330 feet of 7.5' tall Advantage Plus Fending with this package. Along with the fencing, you receive 21 heavy-duty post kits, 60 ground stakes, 200 8-inch heavy ties, one driving cap and two rolls of 2' X 150' chew guard/rodent barrier.

Each kit contains everything you need to install your new do it yourself fencing. If you need more supplies, feel free to add a variety of other products to your cart before you buy.

Gates, Posts and Accessories

Speaking of supplies, Benner's Gardens always stocks other items that are critical to the functionality of your new wildlife barrier. A wide range of gates in varying heights makes it easier for you to protect your property while still ensuring convenient access. Each black, tubular steel gate is designed to match your deer-proof fence for a pleasing appearance.

Whenever you need extra posts, end rail cups, wall mount clamps, driving caps or other accessories, Benner's Gardens carries everything you need.

Installing a Deer Fence

Installing a new deer fence is easier than you realize, especially when you use the fencing materials at Benner's Gardens. Our innovative and thoughtful designs help to keep wildlife on the right side of the fence while also protecting your investment in plants and trees.

Even if you've never installed a fence before, you won't have any trouble installing this one. No special tools or knowledge is required. Any person who is reasonably handy around the house and in the garden will likely be able to install the fencing without difficulty.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop staying up nights wondering whether or not deer and rabbits are stealing your garden out from under you. Get deer fencing from Benner's Gardens. It's so easy to install it yourself, and you'll love that it doesn't interfere with your gorgeous view of the landscape.


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