Do House Window Screens Keep Out Garden Bugs?


Did you know that Chicago has the highest number of bug infestations in the U.S? Undoubtedly, nothing is more annoying than tiny insects flying around your home.

But, what's worse are garden pests since they come from your garden to your house. Fortunately, house window screens can keep out most pests and bugs.

Have you ever wondered what garden pests your window screens can effectively block from entering your home? If so, keep reading as we talk about three of the most common insects that try to sneak in and how screens can prevent them from infesting your home!

Alder Leaf Beetle

These tiny insects aren't your typical pests since they have a beautiful metallic aspect. But, sadly, despite their amazing outward appearance, these pests can lay waste to your garden in a matter of days. As you can imagine, if these beetles enter your home, they'll also ruin your furniture since they eat just about anything.

Southern Green Shield Bug

Most commonly dubbed stink bug, the southern green shield bug can devastate an entire garden since they feed off the sap of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, these garden pests can carry garden diseases that will quickly do away with your garden. As you can guess, if they manage to enter your home through cracked window glass, then they'll also ruin your indoor plants.

Greenhouse Whitefly

Perhaps one of the worse garden pests, the greenhouse whitefly breeds by the hundreds, which means they can quickly overrun your garden. They not only munch on the leaves of a plant, but they also leave a sooty mold that causes the plant to wither. So unless you want hundreds of tiny insects flying in your home, it would be best to check the window condition of all your home.

House Window Screens and Garden Pests

As you have seen, any garden pest that enters your home will be detrimental to your home and indoor plants. Thankfully, house window screens can stop all bugs that try to enter your home, which means you won't have to worry about having a pest infestation. But, of course, you'll need to make sure to contact a certified window installing company so they can properly install window screens.

Additionally, a window installing company also does window repair. So if there are any cracks on the frame or glass, they can repair it and avoid any pest problems. You can learn more here about house window screens and other window-related issues you may have.

Get House Window Screens Today! 

As you have seen, house window screens are the first line of defense against garden bug infestation. Not only will window screens protect your furniture and indoor plants, but they'll also protect you and your family from common pest diseases. So, don't wait another minute, and contact your local window installer today!

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