Deer-Proof Your Garden!

Deer Fence

Why do deer jump?  To get what they want- food!  

But a deer will not jump over a fence unless it is necessary, like extreme conditions where it is important to get to the other side.  So to protect your investment, constructing a deer fence is your best, least costly solution.

Garden Deer Fence Barrier

In order to build a deer fence, you will need a good quality polypropylene fence material or metal deer fencing with a minimum height of 7.5’.  If you have heavy deer population, a strong mono filament cable line is a good idea to run along the top of the polypropylene fence for added durability and strength.  This cable line also prevents the fencing from sagging between posts - keeping your fence looking great at all times!

If your garden attracts small critters that like to munch, a chew guard barrier would be a good idea to keep those pesky little animals from chewing away at your veggies and flowers!

Benner’s Gardens has taken the guess work of your planning with our all-inclusive garden kits!  Our kits are available in 100’ and 330’ so the only thing you need to know is how many feet of fence you need for your garden.  We do everything else for you!

Our kits include everything you need to construct a deer fence barrier and they are super easy to install!

Convenient installation videos and tips can be found on our website.


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