Child-Proofing Your Garden

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Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Garden with Adequate Fencing

Despite your home being the place where your children should feel the safest, it is also the place where the most injuries that require an emergency room visit, occur.  Even if you have baby or child-proofed your house as much as possible, there is also the garden to contend with. One of the easiest ways to prevent an array of accidents and injuries in the garden is to erect secure fencing in strategic places that will not only prevent your children from gaining access to the street but provide them with a safe and secure to play in as well. A few basic guidelines will further help you make the area around your house as safe as possible for the youngest members of the family.

Keep your pets and your children separated

Sometimes it is necessary to keep your four-legged friend and your children separated when both are out frolicking in your garden. Some dogs get overwhelmed around small, noisy children and may bite them, while some young children are still in the process of learning how to interact with the family pets. Whatever the reason, it may sometimes be in everyone’s best interest to divide your garden into suitable sections that will keep both your pets and your children safe. Benner’s Gardens offer a range of dog kits that make constructing an allocated doggy-area easier than ever imagined.  

Considering creating a dedicated play area

Children of all ages naturally love playing outside. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hidden dangers that can lurk in a seemingly safe garden. A play area without any fencing can soon see children and even mobile toddlers and babies chase after balls or ride into oncoming dangers on toy scooters or bikes.  If you have a large open garden, it will definitely be a good idea to create a designated, fenced-in play area for your kids to keep them safe. Such a space can easily be created by making use of a Deer Fencing kit to cordon off an area of your garden. Not only will a barricaded area make it easier for you to keep an eye on the children while they play, but it will also allow them to play safely without too much adult interference.

Fencing around pools is an absolute must

As many as 350 children under the age of 5 drown in pools across the USA every year according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  Whether your garden boasts a full-sized pool, a fish pond, or any other body of water is it of the utmost importance to ensure that it is completely child-proof.  While a pool or pond cover can prevent a child from falling into the water, it works best when used in conjunction with a sturdy, high fence. Metal deer fencing is ideal as it is not only sturdy enough to keep smaller children out, but it is also not easy to climb over, even by agile older children. Just remember to make sure that your access gate is of equally good quality or it will completely nullify having a fence to start with.

Our main purpose in life as a parent is undoubtedly to keep your children safe. By ensuring your garden is as secure as possible your children will be able to explore and play without you having to constantly worry about them getting injured while doing so.


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