A Clucking Awesome Farm: Is a Low Cost DIY Chicken Coop Right for Your Backyard?


Farm fresh food, farmers' markets, and farm-to-table are all popular buzzwords for food currently. They're billed as being healthier, fresher, and more delicious. But these kinds of foods often come at a higher price.

How much better would your food taste if you just had to go to your backyard to gather the ingredients. That's why backyard chicken coops have been on the rise for homeowners across the country.

So is a low-cost DIY chicken coop right for you? The answer might surprise you! Here are the benefits you should know before enacting your chicken coop DIY plans.

Healthier, Tastier Eggs

Chickens raised in a factory eat an unnatural diet that includes hormones and antibiotics. The stress can affect the nutrients in the eggs, how many a hen produces, and the overall taste.

With a backyard coop, chickens lay eggs that a higher in vitamin E, vitamin A, and beta carotene. Backyard-raised chickens also lay eggs with more omega-3 fatty acids, making them more nutritious than any eggs you can buy in-store.

Store-bought eggs can sit for days or weeks before you buy them. Eggshells are porous, and the air can affect the taste. Fresh eggs right from your backyard are much tastier.

Chickens Benefit Your Garden

Chickens are natural foragers, so if you allow your chickens to be free-range, your garden can thrive. They can eat the pests that destroy fruits and vegetables.

When the chickens search for food, they pick through the soil. Turning over the dirt will aerate it, help get rid of unwanted vegetation, and accelerate decomposition.

If you're ready to benefit your garden, you should consider a green roof coop for your backyard.

A Different Kind of Pet for Kids

Your kids might love a cat or a dog or maybe even a hamster or ferret. But chickens can make great pets for children and can teach them some great lessons.

They'll enjoy collecting eggs and feeding the chickens as part of their everyday chores. A new experience for your children is one reason why you should DIY your chicken coop.

Not only will they learn how to take care of a new animal, but they'll have a better understanding of the farm-to-plate chain. They'll be able to learn where their food comes from before it's served on the plate.

Great for Composting

If you compost, chickens will be a great addition to your compost pile. Composting is an often unthought-of benefit to your potential chicken coop plans. 

High in nitrogen, chicken poop will add the moisture necessary to support composting. Nitrogen can also help speed up the composting process.

You can even put the used eggshells in the composting bin. They help add calcium to your compost pile, which can be beneficial to plants when you repurpose the compost. Composting also helps reduce your food waste.

Low-Cost DIY Chicken Coop Benefits You Never Knew

If you've been mulling over whether or not you should get a backyard chicken coop for your home, this article might be the thing that sways you. With all the major benefits of a low-cost DIY chicken coop, it's impossible not to want.

You'll find much joy raising your own chickens and many health benefits as well. If you've been thinking about a backyard coop, this is your sign to get one.

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