Deer Reader

Informative posts about protecting your garden and yard from deer and other pests. Not just fence talk - lots of great advice!

Tips to Help You Set Up Your Deer Fence

How to Prevent Rabbit Damage to Your Lawn

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in a Metal Fence Kit

How Hard is it to Install Your Deer Fence with a Metal Fence Kit?

Why You Need a Garden Pest Fence

5 Creative Uses for Hex & Poly Fences

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Dog Door Sizes: How to Choose the Right One for Your Pet

TICK PREVENTION: The Do's and Don'ts

A Clucking Awesome Farm: Is a Low Cost DIY Chicken Coop Right for Your Backyard?

Deer are one of the most visible and widespread wildlife species.

The Best Garden Tools That Everyone Needs

Reasons to Consider a Small Garden Log Cabin

Winterizing Your Garden

Taking Care of Your Fence

Time to Think About Spring and Your Garden

What are some deer resistant shrubs?

How To Create A Beautiful And Pest-Free Garden

The Best Deer Repellent

Humane Fencing vs. Electric Fencing

Do It Yourself Fencing

Child-Proofing Your Garden

Designing A Hydroponic Garden To Keep Deer Away

Creating A Deer-Free, Healthy, Eco-Friendly Garden

Deer-Proof Your Garden!

It's feeling like Spring!


Deer Control in Home Gardens

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