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At Benner's Gardens, we offer quality bird netting in a variety of strengths to help you protect your property.  Bird damage can be very costly to fruit farmers and we are here to help!

Ornex Bird Netting
Ornex Bird Netting: 14' x 100'

Our Ornex bird netting from Benner's Gardens helps you protect your property from birds while being virtually invisible to the eye. The netting is a lightweight, mesh barrier that you can simply drape over your trees or bushes and stake down. This will help prevent animal damage from both birds and small animals.

  • Lightweight
  • Virtually invisible
  • Strong protection

Protect your berries, fruit trees and bushes with Benner’s Bird Netting.  Lightweight, black polypropylene netting is easy to install and extremely effecting.  The mesh openings are small enough that birds will not be able to push through, but insects such as bees will be able to ‘buzz’ right through!  Since our bird netting is made from the same quality UV-treated materials as Benner’s Deer Fencing, it is virtually invisible and will blend right into your garden.

Our bird netting styles offer a few different ways to protect your plants from hungry birds, as well as other wildlife.  If you have a large area with plants to protect, you may want to consider installing a full enclosure around all of the plants, rather than draping netting overtop.  You can use Benner's easy-to-install garden posts and the bird netting to create a virtually invisible and complete enclosure. 

Don't forget about the top! You can create a ‘roof’ for an existing or new fence system to stop birds from swooping in from the top and having a feast on your plants.  Use our 55 gram or 64 gram bird netting along with cable, gripples and hogrings to create a simple, effective top barrier.  First make an ‘X’ using the cable and gripples from corner post to corner post, making sure the cable is properly tensioned to fit your needs.  Next lay the bird netting over top of the ‘X’.  Depending on the size of the garden area, additional runs of cable and multiple sections of the netting may be necessary.  You may have to install additional horizontal and/or vertical lines of cable to fully cover the top of your garden if the planted area is large.  Next, you will secure the netting to the cable using hogrings. Now you have a fully enclosed planted area. 

Do you just have a few trees or bushes to protect? Would installing an entire fence be too much? No problem!  Our lighter duty bird netting is perfect for draping over bushes and trees.  You can use the netting seasonally or year round.  It is easy to install, virtually invisible and gets the job done!

Bird Netting is also used as a lightweight "deer netting" for temporary and seasonal protection for bushes and trees.  Are deer chewing away at your trees, bushes and shrubs during the winter? No problem! With this netting, you can easily protect against deer for temporary and seasonal issues.  Simply drape over bushes and shrubs, or wrap the deer netting around trees.  At the end of the season, gently remove the netting and roll it up - you can store the roll and use it next season! 


Can’t Decide Which Netting Is Right For You?  Let us help!

Ornex netting is extremely lightweight and ideal for draping over bushes and trees.  For heavier protection or larger areas, we stock 55 gram and 64 gram nettings.  Wrap the fencing around your plants and stake into the ground, or create a full enclosure utilizing posts for maximum protection against hungry birds.


Benefits of Both Styles:

  • Easily cut and trim with standard scissors to give you the exact size or shape you need
  • Inexpensive protection for plants, trees, shrubs, bushes and berry or vegetable crops.
  • UV stabilized for maximum protection against sun damage
  • Will not rust- will stand up to rain, snow, sleet, etc.
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Lightweight
  • Black polypropylene material makes this bird and deer netting virtually invisible
  • Physically blocks birds and small critters
  • Non-Toxic, humane wildlife control

Benefits of Ornex Netting (Lightweight protection)

  • Temporary protection against smaller critters
  • Easy to drape over top of bushes
  • Seasonal coverage

Benefits of 55 gram & 64 gram netting (Heavier Protection)

  • Permanent solution
  • Easy to roll up and re-use
  • Can be used to protect against hungry deer and stronger wildlife
  • Can be installed onto fencing posts
  • Durable material



If you have any questions while shopping or would like a sample, please contact us. We are happy to help you!



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