Nylon Tension Cable Guide Band



Monofilament alignment bands are the easiest and most reliable way to run tension wire along your fence line.  These bands are far more effective than the traditional methods such as the self locking ties.  The bands allow the tension wires additional freedom of movement side to side along the fence line, which is important in distributin the force of an impact to the fence.  

The bands are adjustable and can be placed anywhere along the line posts.  The best recommendation is to place both at the top and bottom of the fence line.  To attach the band to the post, you simply place the band at the desired height and turn the eye bolt to tighten.

  • Use these bands with nylon tension cable and gripples 
  • Eye hook allows you to easily string the cable line through to support and hold the cable line in place
  • Bands can be attached to any 1 5/8" post. 
  • Recommended placement: Each line post for extra strength and durability, or every other for standard use. Bands should be placed at each corner for the new cable line.
  • Bands are placed at any height along the post.  Turn eye bolt to tighten and hold in place
  • Powder coated black to match our heavy duty posts


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