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Keeping deer outSince 1992, Benner’s Gardens has been committed to:

  • Providing safe, high-quality products

  • Excellent customer service for all of your deer fencing and wildlife exclusion needs

  • Offering competitive pricing for pet and wildlife deterrent and enclosure solutions

  • Offering all types of deer fencing including high deer fence, animal repellants, dog enclosures, rodent barriers, wildlife nettings and turf protection


Almost 25 years ago, Benner’s Gardens developed the first plastic deer fence made of an incredible new polymer netting developed in Europe called “bi-axially oriented polypropylene”. What is so unique about this product is that the netting is stretched (“oriented”) in two directions. We know from science class that when any polymer is stretched, it gains exponential strength. The results in this case were truly incredible!  Our product, the Benner’s Deer Fence, revolutionized the market.

We tested a number of different weights and strengths and came up with two varieties: Our standard fencing product, called Benner’s Advantage Deer Fencing, which weighs 80 grams per square meter, and the heavy-duty variety weighs 110 grams per square meter called Benner’s Advantage Plus Deer Fencing. These fences are absolutely top of the line, and are the best poly deer fences on the market. Both our Advantage and Advantage Plus fencing will stop deer dead in their tracks!

Although most of our customers want to prevent damage to their beautiful gardens and orchards, they also do not want to ruin their views with ugly chain-link fencing.  Benner’s Advantage Deer Fencing is practically invisible and will blend in with the countryside!  Our fencing is black and it practically disappears once you install it.  We guarantee it will not spoil your view!

Over the past 25 years, many people have developed their own polymer netting products, but there is only one that beats them all, the original Advantage Deer Fence!


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A Benner’s Deer Fence System will KEEP DEER OUT!


Best Friend Fence
If you have a pet you want to safely enclose without any wires or electric shock, visit Best Friend Fence-- our dog and pet fence division!

Best Friend Fence adheres to the same philosophy of individualized customer service and professionalism that has defined Benner’s Gardens since 1992 and distinguished us above all others to this day.


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