Wood, pvc or chain link Fence Extension Kit

Stockade Fence Conversion & Extension Kit
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SKU: EXT4100
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Add height to any existing fence! Our Fence Extension Kit is an inexpensive and quick way for your to extend the height of your existing fence. The kits allow you to easily covert to a Fence up to 8' tall! Our kits come with everything you need to quickly have a Benner's Deer Fence.  

Each Kit Includes: 

(1) 4'h x 100'  roll- Advantage Poly Fencing 

(12) Extension posts with hardware (U-Bolts or Screws depending on post type)

(12) Vinyl post caps for 1-3/8" post

(100) 8" Zip Ties - for attaching fencing to posts


Have a Split-Rail Fence you need to add height to?  Check out our Split-Rail Fence Conversion Kit and transform your current fence to a Benner's Deer Fence!


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